About us

TROMAX S.A. is a company that offers drilling and blasting services for mining and civil works. It is the perfect combination of trained professionals and a team of people with ample experience in the aforementioned fields. TROMAX S.A. belongs to an investment trust that provides solid financial support thus guaranteeing solvency throughout the execution of any project.


As a service enterprise, our efforts are focused on providing quality engineering to mining and civil works, thus creating sustainable value for our clients. Following this guideline, our goal is to become a benchmark for excellence in the Chilean and Latinamerican idustries.


Our mission is to offer drilling and blasting services to mining and civil work companies, while complying with high environmental, quality and safety standards, and at the same time, always respecting the commitments we have undertaken as well as our clients and employees.


  • We seek to acheive performance as well as efficiency in each project that we participate in so that we may provide a service of excellence and make a valuable contribution to our clients. 

    Esteban Aste, Chief Operating Officer